Postcards: PART ONE

In the works at the moment is a piece that involves sending ~30 postcards to friends and family around the UK. I’m hoping to collate the material they send back to me and write a piece for solo piano using this “borrowed material”. The postcards vary in design and will hopefully facilitate a variety of responses, from explicit musical material to more gestural and graphic ideas. I’m interested in the way that the multiple voices behind this project are representative of different times and places, coming together in a single musical moment. Combining them also represents an attempt at proving that all people are in some small sense different filaments of a universal mind. These are ideas borrowed from Rochberg (“radial time”) and Zimmermann (“spherical time”).* In the same way that Stockhausen’s Hymnen represents a sonic map of the world, there is a clear geographical element to this piece. I’m also interested in the way that musical relationships can reflect real-life ones: there are a number of siblings involved in the project, as well as two sets of twins. I’m excited to see the results.

         FullSizeRender.jpg posting

*It’s difficult not to be reminded of this clip from Brass Eye when talking about “spherical time”, in which Chris Morris asks if Jas Mann has ever written a “spherical song” (he reckons Michael Nyman has):

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